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Plump, golden & blemish free yolks

Carefully Chosen.

Whole grains & natural plant fed

Cage Free.

Healthy Chickens means Healthy Eggs!


Giving Nature “Carefully Chosen” Cage Free eggs are gathered with care and never disappoint

 Our yolks are plump, golden and blemish free

Our hens are fed feed made from whole grain and a special blend of natural plants making them rich in Lutein, a natural carotenoid important to eye health.

Our specially selected breed of Cage Free hens live in Certified Humane barns, where they are free do all that comes natural.

What People Say About Our Eggs

“Giving Nature eggs are not just good for my diet, they are good for my wallet too.”


“Carefully Chosen is not just a catch phrase. It means that Giving Nature takes great care of their eggs, their hens and the environment, and that is very important to me.”


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For Over 20 Years…

Giving Nature has worked with the Central Pennsylvania Farming Community to nurture and create markets for sustainable agriculture. We were one of the first to bring local Certified Organic and Cage Free eggs to a small but dedicated group of passionate customers. As awareness grew so did those few customers grow into many, many more.

Try our Carefully Chosen Cage Free Eggs and see why.

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Our Carefully Chosen
Cage Free Eggs