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Giving Nature, a family owned business, has always maintained a fundamental responsibility to our environment.  First and foremost, we are dedicated to determining the best sustainable agriculture practices and then promote them through the eggs our small farms produce.

We concentrate our efforts on helping to create opportunity for anyone who shares our commitment to increase a sustainable earth for all living things. Additionally, we also maintain a belief that animals that are used as food should be treated within the boundaries of humane farm animal husbandry practices.

We choose our farming partners Carefully so you can choose our Giving Nature Eggs with confidence.

John and Mary Baker
Giving Nature Foods

I just wanted to tell you how Superb your Carefully Chosen eggs are.  They're Fabulous! I haven't had eggs this good since Italy.
Dea, Philadelphia, PA
I buy your eggs all the time at Whole Foods.  We just tried the Giving Nature Carefully Chosen.  They are the best eggs I’ve ever tried.
MaryPrinceton, NJ
I love to cook with Giving Nature eggs! Everything I make tastes delicious.

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John & Mary Baker

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Growing up on a small Pennsylvania farm in the 1960’s, John saw first hand the impacts of modern agricultural practices upon the land and water as biodiversity was abandoned for “modern” monoculture.

At the same time Mary, finished her education in Boston, learning that care for the environment is a responsibility we all are called to observe, instilling the core values of what Giving Nature would come to represent.

In 1990 John and Mary started working with farmers around the Lancaster Pennsylvania area to help promote farming practices that would be more humane and sustainable. From those efforts, Giving Nature was born. Their cage free and organic eggs became among the first to be sold in markets from New York City to Washington D.C.

In an ever evolving landscape of what it means to truly practice sustainable agriculture, John and Mary continue to bring new perspective and ideas to ensure their Giving Nature eggs are part of allowing nature the chance to sustain us all.

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