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Factory Farmings Dirty Little Secret Isn’t So Secret Anymore

Factory Farmings Dirty Little Secret Isn’t So Secret Anymore

Awareness is building about the great harm agricultural fertilizers are doing to our streams, rivers, bays and oceans. The harm is done when it rains and great amounts of nitrogen from those fertilizers flow into them, killing fresh water fish and other living things.

But even worse, that toxic nitrogen is growing “Dead Zones” when it reaches the ocean. Nothing can live in these Dead Zones except algae blooms.

Some scientists think it won’t be long until much of the ocean will become basically lifeless if we don’t start doing something about it now. The dilemma for many of us is that we still want to eat animal derived foods and many nutritional professionals still recommend we do.

That leads us to the good news.

If you feel you need animal derived proteins in your diet you’ll make a huge contribution towards reducing the use of fertilizers and, as a result, allow our waters to heal.

Here’s why:

Egg laying hens need only an eighth to a quarter of the feed that it takes to produce the same amount of food for beef, dairy and pork products.

That’s a huge reduction in the amount of fertilizer going onto farmland because eggs require so much less land to grow grains to feed them and that means far less fertilizer ending up in the ocean.

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