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Here’s Egg In Your Eye

Here’s Egg In Your Eye

Here’s Egg In Your Eye

As we’ve noted before, eggs are among the most efficiently produced and, in so being, the best Animal derived food for…and on the planet.

We’ve also discussed all the essential vitamins and amino acids found in them that are without rival in their number.  But little is made of one nutritional component that is one of the eggs greatest attributes:

They’re not just good for eyes…they’re Great!

Studies like those done at the Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University have demonstrated that not only are eggs a rich source of lutein but they also help you benefit more from them when taking a Lutein supplement in tablet form.

This attribute, known as bioavailability means that Lutein from an egg is taken up into your body more naturally and that packs a big benefit.

Why?  Because when your body processes Lutein naturally it’s more easily transported to the retina of your eye where it protects it from natural occurring blue light.  When blue reaches the eye understructure it could damage it and cause Macular Degeneration.

Lutein is also what gives our Carefully Chosen Giving Nature Eggs such beautiful Yolks.

So have an egg a day and celebrate the yellow!  It looks beautiful and helps you see its beauty, too.

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